Innovation Began and Still Begins Here

By Mark Dzuban

Here we are on the brink of another SCTE•ISBE Cable-Tec Expo and suddenly we’re less than a year away from the start of the countdown to SCTE’s 50th anniversary. Where does the time go?

In a rapidly-moving industry like ours, it takes some doing not to be run down by the irresistible forces of change. No sooner have we adapted to today’s game-changing technology, than the operators and the vendors and the technological wizards at CableLabs are working on the next.

As changes in the business climate and in the technology landscape and on the regulatory front have swept through our industry yet again, the question we’re asking ourselves at SCTE•ISBE is the same one we’ve asked time and again: How do we adjust our sails to harness those forces and build value for our operator, vendor and individual partners?


Consolidation within the operator community, ongoing debates about Title II and net neutrality, changes in customer behavior — even the decision to move away from the INTX event — all have required us to remain agile, so that we can continue to meet the needs of the industry. So what is that we are doing to continue to drive a value proposition that is worthy of investment by our customers?

  • First, we are redoubling our efforts in a core area that dates back to our roots — optimizing individual career development. Our CORTEX Expert Development System is designed to ensure alignment with the needs of our partners at Comcast, Charter, Altice, Cox and the rest of the industry, so that their workforces are able to efficiently and capably execute their tasks — even with new products that are just coming to market.
  • Second, we are expediting ubiquitous availability of industry innovation through an ambitious, proactive standards program that — today more than ever — is identifying industry needs and harnessing operator and technology partner resources to drive results that impact cable’s bottom line.
  • Third, we are leading the way in capturing intellectual property in support of the network and skills development.
  • Finally — and most timely — we are working shoulder-to-shoulder with NCTA, CableLabs, the Cable Television Pioneers and other industry organizations to build on the continued success of SCTE•ISBE Cable-Tec Expo as a focal point for cable’s technological leadership.

innovationAs we gather in Denver this October, here’s what I’d like everyone in the industry — from our CEO speakers like Charter’s Tom Rutledge and Liberty Global’s Mike Fries to the workforce heroes who are on the front lines of meeting customer needs — to know: SCTE•ISBE’s commitment to accelerate change in our industry is stronger today than it has ever been.

We’ve built a hard-working, passionate team that thrives on the challenge of shaping world-class programs for learning and development, thought leadership and standards, and the showcasing of our technology excellence. As quickly as the industry is evolving, we’re adapting our playbook to meet new needs, and mirroring our culture to meet that of our membership.

Even as we near our 50th year, it doesn’t matter where the industry is moving or how rapidly it is getting there. At SCTE•ISBE, we’re continuing to match the pace of our partners, every step of the way.

Mark DuzbanMark L. Dzuban

President/CEO, SCTE

As President and CEO of SCTE•ISBE, Mark Dzuban is continuing a lengthy career of telecommunications leadership. Mark has been instrumental in positioning SCTE•ISBE as a leader in energy management and technical education, driving creation of the Energy 2020 program, the CORTEX Expert Development System™ and other programs and services that build value for the cable system operators, technology partners and individual members. Mark was honored with the prestigious NCTA Vanguard Award in 2011.