Defining Innovation

Are you ready for the next big…? The crème de le crème of technology conferences? Are you geared up to hear compelling content and speakers from leading broadband technology companies? Are you ready for the educational workshops, the newest tech innovations, and networking to the nth degree? “The future depends on what you do today” so get ready to join over 10,000 broadband professionals in our industry’s most energizing technology event a/k/a SCTE·ISBE Cable-Tec Expo, on October 17-20th in Denver, Colorado. Mark Dzuban, CEO and President, and Chris Bastian, CTO, of SCTE·ISBE share information about Expo and the Society along with the X-Men of Expo, joint program chairs Jim Blackley of Charter and Terry Cordova of Altice. I was so lucky to interview these brilliant minds of engineering and find out their thoughts about the conference and the industry.

How would you describe an inventor?


definition of inventor by The Free Dictionary — tr.v. in·vent·ed, in·vent·ing, in·vents. 1. To produce or contrive (something previously unknown) by the use of ingenuity or imagination.

My definition would be one word… genius.

As technologists, we are in total awe of inventors. We ponder how in the heck did they come up with that? In the book of life, certain individuals create groundbreaking innovations that most users take for granted.

So with this thought in mind, are you ready for one of the greatest stories ever told in the world of technology? May I present our exclusive interview with Robert Metcalfe. Yes, THE Robert Metcalfe, The Father of Ethernet. I can’t take all the credit here, because I owe the idea to Jeff Finkelstein, author, our Futurist and standup comic! Jeff kiddingly suggested I contact Bob Metcalfe for this story and said “but good luck getting the founder of 3COM and father of the Ethernet” and wished me well. Like any other good Librarian, I searched for the inventor and found him. He is currently a Professor of Innovation in The University of Texas at Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering. I e-mailed him, begged him (although begging does not usually become me) and the rest is history. Bob Metcalfe’s Inside Story “Metcalfe Lays Down The Law” by Stewart Schley is one of the best ever and even Jeff F. got into the act… offering up some thought provoking questions to ask Bob as he muttered to me “Wonders never cease.”


You will notice that the annual Expo issue caricature cover has changed its style a bit. This is due to the fact that we had a new caricature artist named Mark Hall create the cover with the help of my incredible designer Jerry Lundwall and our associate publisher Ashley Wilson Szor. Mark is quite famous here in Denver and has drawn caricatures for Stephen King, Mario Andretti and Al Pacino. Now he can add to his repertoire Mark Dzuban alongside his incredible leadership team at SCTE·ISBE. With new artist in tow, I added a new feature to the cover. Of course the SCTE·ISBE board is included, along with all my resident authors, but look closely. You will not find Waldo but you will see all my loyal vendors. One person was chosen by each company to represent them. The Librarian is way overdue on honoring these loyal vendors who have supported Broadband Library for over 21 years!

Change can help business stay current with industry trends. This especially rings true in the broadband industry. Today’s technology might be gone tomorrow, replaced with something new and innovative. So come to the town of the Big Blue Bear and get ready to be inspired! See y’all there.

Cathy Wilson

Broadband Library Fall 2017Cathy Wilson, Publisher

A cable industry veteran of 38 years, Cathy is founder and 21 year publisher of Broadband Library, and recipient of the SCTE’s 1998 Chairman’s Award. She holds a B.A. and M.A. from Purdue University and the University of Arizona, respectively. Cathy is a member of the Cable TV Pioneers Class of 2000. She was honored in 2007 by NCTA with the prestigious Vanguard Award and was inducted into the SCTE Hall of Fame in September, 2016.