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Welcome to the Broadband Library

Welcome to Broadband Library

Welcome to Broadband Library, the award-winning, leading repository of technical knowledge of the people, by the people and for the people of broadband cable. For over twenty years, Broadband Library has shared key technical information through the eyes and insight of industry leaders from all around the world. Published on a quarterly basis, all 28,000+ members of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers/International Society of Broadband Experts (SCTE/ISBE) receive the Library as an exclusive member-benefit.

Written exclusively by distinguished and notable business leaders, engineers, and SCTE/ISBE representatives, Broadband Library’s unique editorial truly stands in a class by itself. Our resident authors push the limits by voicing personal opinions on the current and future state of broadband and its technology. Each issue, the latest industry insights are offered by notable industry experts, including Ron Hranac, Jeff Finklestein, Brady Volpe, Stewart Schley, H. Mark Bowers, Tom Gorman, and Mark Dzuban. We of course can’t forget about our beloved Phantom of the Library, an established and prominent engineer whose identity remains hidden. Alongside these esteemed engineering executives, each and every Broadband Library publication over the past two decades has showcased a well-known guest author, sharing his or her views on technological advancements and issues in our ever-changing industry. These contributions have come from visionaries such as Bill Bresnan, Bill Daniels, Richard Green, Leo Hindery, Amos Hostetter, Jerry Kent, Jim Robbins, Ted Rogers, John Sie, and Michael Willner, just to name a few. In more recent years, Tony Werner, Nomi Bergman, Wayne Davis, Mike LaJoie, Edward Rogers, Kevin Hart, Brian Allen, and John Malone have highlighted an ever-expanding list of accomplished and admired industry experts.

We’re thrilled you’ve discovered our new interactive website! The new BroadbandLibrary.com is an accessible platform for our readers to not only view current and archived issues, but also gain access to featured articles, authors and/or products and services with a simple click of a button. Broadband Library is your go-to source for covering the most up-to-date industry trends, events, and technology.

Rave Reviews

“Broadband Library is constantly seeking new ways to meet the needs of a changing industry. We value our 20 year partnership with Cathy Wilson and thank her for providing SCTE members the highest quality member-benefit publication. ” – Mark L. Dzuban, President/CEO, SCTE/ISBE

“Broadband Library is the most valuable publication to me because it is in print. I use the online version as well for research but I prefer the print version. Thanks Cathy for producing such a high quality informative magazine for SCTE.” – Andy Parrott, VP Technical Operations, Altice USA/Suddenlink

“From back in 1996 when it was Literature Library, to today’s ‘Broadband Library’, there is a certain something about the look and feel of this publication that compels me to pick it up before other trade magazines.” – Nick Segura, Director of Technical Operations, Charter Communications

 “Broadband Library brings a lot of information from key people in the industry to so many more that benefit from others real life experiences. Also, the Products and Services section allows me to keep up with new technology.”  – Pete Marens, Director of Purchasing & Capital Management, WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone

Cathy Wilson, Publisher

A cable industry veteran of 38 years, Cathy is founder and 20 year publisher of Broadband Library, recipient of the SCTE’s 1998 Chairman’s Award. She holds a B.A. and M.A. from Purdue University and the University of Arizona, respectively. Cathy is a member of the Cable TV Pioneers Class of 2000. She was honored in 2007 by NCTA with the prestigious Vanguard Award and was inducted into the SCTE Hall of Fame in September, 2016.